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Buy-in Transition

As of June 17th, most nodes in the HPCC have been transitioned to the new operating system. However, buy-in node upgrades are being delayed until the week of July 17th to allow for extra time to transition. Please see schedule specifics below.

At any time, buy-in PIs can contact us using the subject line "OS Upgrade 2024" and request that their buy-in be upgraded sooner. This process will take 1-2 business days after confirming with ICER.

Using buy-in nodes after HPCC has transitioned

If your buy-in node is still running the old operating system, you will need to follow the instructions for submitting a job to nodes running the old operating system.

When your buy-in node has been upgraded, these restrictions are no longer necessary. Please note that your existing workflows will still need to be reviewed and updated to remain functional on the new operating system.

Buy-in transition schedule

Buy-in node transition will start on July 17th (unless requested to be earlier) following the schedule below:

Cluster Dates
intel14 July 17
intel16 July 18-19
intel18 July 22
amd20 July 23-24
amd20-v100 July 25
intel21 July 25
amd21 July 25
amd22 July 25