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General information

A quick start

R 4.0.2 has the largest number of libraries installed and is the recommended one to use. To load it, you can run:

module purge
module load GCC/8.3.0 OpenMPI/3.1.4
module load R/4.0.2

Some users may have a local R package directory specified in ~/.Renviron; this may create a problem if you load your local packages which were built with an older version of R. Unless you have updated them all, we recommend that you launch R by R --no-environ which suppresses the search of local packages.

For other versions of R, run module spider R to get a complete list.

Be sure to specify version number

While it is valid to load R simply by module load R, it may point to a different R version than your desired one. Please be specific about the version, as with any software module.


The best way to launch an Rstudio session is to log into our OnDemand server, which is dedicated to running GUI applications. Here is a short video showing how to request an Rstudio "job" from the HPCC cluster after you've logged into OnDemand.