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Submitting to Nodes Running the Old Operating System

After ICER transitioned most compute nodes to Ubuntu, a small number have been left on the old operating system for compatibility. These nodes are inaccessible by default and require special steps to use.

Nodes on old operating system are temporary

A small group of nodes have been left on the old operating system only temporarily. This is meant to facilitate users who still need to use the old system for emergency jobs that cannot be immediately transitioned to the new operating system. Please do not rely on the availability of these nodes past July 17th, and reach out to us if you have problems transitioning to the new operating system.

Log into a development node running the old operating system

Two development nodes will be available running CentOS. This includes

  • dev-intel16-centos
  • dev-intel18-centos

You must log into one of these nodes to submit your job.

Add a reservation to your job script and srun lines

To ensure that your jobs run on nodes using the old operating system, add the line

#SBATCH --reservation=centos_compute

to your job script. Additionally, if you have any lines in your job script that use srun, please also add the flag there, like

srun --reservation=centos_compute my_code.exe

You should be able to successfully submit your job. Note that since there will be very few nodes running CentOS remaining, your queue time is likely to be substantially higher.

Using OnDemand

All apps have been replaced by versions that work only on the new operating system by default. To run on the old operating system, please use the app tagged as "(Legacy)" in the Interactive Apps list.