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Obtaining an HPCC account

Every user needs to have an account to use the HPCC. To obtain an HPCC account, follow the directions below.

Current MSU-affiliated student or personnel

HPCC accounts are free for all MSU researchers. To obtain (or re-activate) an account, a MSU Principal Investigator (PI) must complete a New Account Request for themselves and their collaborators (students, staff, post-docs, and collaborators with NetIDs.) Information required to complete the form includes:

  • a list of the names and MSU NetIDs of collaborators (students, post-docs, visiting scholars and/or off-campus colleagues) requiring accounts. For collaborators without a MSU NetID, the PI can sponsor MSU Department Sponsored NetIDs by paying MSU ID Office with a department account number. See below section for more details on departmental NetIDs.

  • a statement on whether or not export controlled software or data will be used

  • a project abstract (description about the user's research.)

By applying for a HPCC account, the Principal Investigator is agreeing that all group members will abide by MSU's Acceptable Use Policy.


All MSU Net IDs used to access the HPCC must be associated with a valid email address.

ICER workshops

If you are going to attend an ICER workshop, you may get a temporary HPCC account. Please contact ICER.

External collaborators

To request an HPCC account for an external collaborator, please obtain a login-only, non-email FPID NetID for the collaborator first. Please contact the ID Office at or 517-355-4500 for more information, or visit their website. Once the NetID is acquired, a MSU PI can follow the above instructions to apply for their HPCC account. Since the purchased NetID is not associated with a MSU e-mail account, the PI must provide a current contact e-mail address of the external collaborator when filling out the New Account Request form.

Previous users affiliated with MSU

If you were previously affiliated with MSU and had a HPCC account, then you may find that your HPCC account was disabled after a time. If you are still collaborating with a regular MSU faculty or staff member, you will need a Principal Investigator (PI) at MSU to sponsor the renewal of your account on an annual basis. The form for sponsoring the renewal of an existing HPCC account is at Sponsored Renewal. Only PIs may fill out this form.

Affiliated universities in Michigan

University Contact Documentation
Oakland University Mario Nowak:
Tomas Hajek:
University Technology Services
Western Michigan University Leonard Peirce:
Research and Innovation HPCHub
Central Michigan University Mel Taylor:
Office of Information Technology

If you are affiliated with one of the universities listed above, please review the Documentation and email the Contact to apply for an MSU HPCC account.

If you are a regular MSU faculty or staff member and project Principal Investigator (PI) that would like to sponsor MSU HPCC accounts for users from one of these affiliated universities, please follow these instructions:

  • The affiliated user requesting an MSU HPCC account must first register for an MSU Guest Account


Ensure that an official .edu email address from the affiliated university is used for the registration of the MSU Guest Account; else the HPCC account will not be created

  • Once the MSU Guest Account has been registered and activated, the affiliated user requesting the HPCC account must then complete the MSU ICER Community ID Form, choosing MSU to authenticate, and using the credentials established while registering for the MSU Guest Account

  • Once the ICER Community ID is issued, the MSU PI must then submit an HPCC New Account Request Form; only the MSU PI may fill out this form