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(2023-04-04) Lab Notebook: OnDemand RunningMPIJobs


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Running MPI Job throughs the OnDemand Interactive Desktop Terminal (2023-04-04)

To run an MPI job through the OnDemand Interactive Desktop, you need to make sure that your resource request through OnDemand asks for at least two (2) tasks under "Advanced Options" and that the number of cores per task (N) is set to the number that you want to the MPI job with. After starting the Interactive Desktop, go to the Terminal and you should be able to run your job with:

srun --ntasks=N --cpus-per-task=1

For example, if your want to run a job with 4 tasks inside of the Interactive Terminal, your resrouce request would look like:

And then your would be able to run your job with

srun --ntasks=4 --cpus-per-task=1