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Collaborative research

Research space

To support collaborative research on campus, a PI may request a shared research space where files and softwares can be shared.

Software installation request

We suggest the following two steps when you are in need of a particular software package.

  1. Go to /opt/software/ on a dev-node. This is where all software packages are installed. Check if your desired software and specific versions are there. Please note there could be some name discrepancy caused by switch between lower and upper case letters. Take BBMap for example, all the versions available can be viewed by "ls -l /opt/software/BBMap". Send us a ticket if the software is totally absent in /opt/software or your desired version is missing. If the software and the version are both present in /opt/software, go to step 2.
  2. Follow the instructions to try loading software/version. If you can't find the software using module spider, send us a ticket. If you can find the software but not the desired version, send us a ticket too.

Using our Academic Research Consulting Services

ICER's Academic Research Consulting service (ARCS) exists to meet the computationally complex needs of the MSU research community. Research groups in need of software and computational workflow development services, dedicated training programs, as well as those that require additional scientific expertise in areas such as bioinformatics, time-series analysis, and computational modeling may request long-term collaborations with ARCS research consultants. ICER ARCS consultants are PhD-level researchers with domain-specific computational expertise and experience at R1 institutions. ARCS collaborations require funding and may be funded internally through startup grants or unit-level support or externally by grant support or industrial partnerships. More information can be found here.