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Virtual Help Desk by Microsoft Teams and Zoom

ICER offers virtual helpdesk office hours (every Monday and Thursday 1:00-2:00pm) online without walk-in. Users can reach us either through Microsoft Teams App or just a web browser.

Please click on the ICER Help Desk link . It will take you to the launcher web site of Microsoft Teams:

Screenshot 1

You can now choose to use a web browser or Microsoft Teams to access our Help Desk channel.

If you do not want to install and use Microsoft Teams, you can click on Use the web app instead to enter ICER Help Desk channel: Screenshot 2

If you would like to use Microsoft Teams but have not installed one in your computer yet, please click on Get the Teams app. If Microsoft Teams is installed already, you can click on Launch it now. If a "Launch Appliction" window pops out, choose Microsoft Teams to open our Help Desk channel link:

Screenshot 2

Once you are in the channel, please ask your questions in the text bar located at the bottom of the window:

Screenshot 3

Click on the Screenshot 4 button so we are able to see the message and help you. We can start a conversation and arrange a Zoom  Screenshot 4 Zoom's Microsoft Teams integration has been set up to start or join an instant meeting right from our conversation. You may enter "@zoom help" or type "@zoom" in the text bar and click on  Screenshot 4 Zoom to see a list of commands. To find out how to download or use Zoom, please visit the MSU Zoom page.