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HPC's entire layout at ICER

  • Users can use MSU's HPCC resources by first connecting to gateway
  • gateway and rsync are the only two nodes directly accessible to the internet. 
    • "gateway" is not meant for running software, connecting to scratch space or compute nodes. 
    • "rsync" is mainly for file transfer and is able to connect to scratch but is not able to access to compute nodes.
  • From the gateway node, users can connect to any development node to compile their jobs or and run short tests.
  • Each development node runs the same operating system and uses the AMD64/Intel64 instruction set. Compiled software should be "binary compatible" across the cluster, if you do not compile with architecture-specific tuning (e.g. -march or -x.) For example, if you compile your code on dev-intel14, it can mostly run on the intel16 cluster.
  • A detailed description of our hardware can be found on the page of Cluster Resources.