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Transferring Data with Google using Globus

Initial setup

Go to the Globus File Manager page and log in with your MSU credentials if necessary. For this example, we will transfer files between the ICER's HPCC and MSU Google endpoints. First, connect to your drive space on ICER's HPCC. Then, in the search box (black arrow), enter msu#google.

Globus File Manager with black arrow pointing at search

Select the endpoint msu#google.

Globus Collection Search page with black arrow pointing at msu#google

At this point you may be asked for permission to allow Globus access to your Google drive.

Globus file manager with msu#google collection selected on right half of
screen. In the file window a pop up shows Authentication Required with the
Continue button

Click Continue (orange oval):


Click the wrench under status heading (orange oval).

Credentials section for msu#google showing "Authentication/Consent Required"
with Continue button circled with orange

Click Allow (orange oval).

Credentials section for msu#google showing three columns: "Google Account",
"Globus Identity", and "Status". Under the "Status" column there is a wrench
circled with an orange

You will see your status changed (orange oval). You now have access to your Google Drive. Click File Manager in the upper left corner (black oval) to return to the File Manager main page.

Google authentication scrren showing that Globus Connect Server wants to
access Google Account. Allow button is circled with orange

You now can transfer files between your ICER HPCC drive space and your Google drive space, and you will see their respective contents in a split screen. You can transfer folders and files using the two methods, 1) Drag and drop (not shown here), or 2) Transfer & Sync Options (orange oval and black arrow).

Globus File Manager with msu#hpcc collection on left and msu#google on right.
In the middle, the "Transfer & Sync Options" button is circled with an orange
oval. Immediately to its right is a "Start" button with a black arrow pointing
to it, and immediately below is a "Share" button with a purple arrow pointing
to it.

Please note that Google enforces a transfer limit per person per minute. If you see warnings that connection limit has been reached the transfer will still work but be slower. Also, by default, Globus does not allow access to your Google files, as seen in the message received if you attempt to share (purple arrow above) a file or folder from your Google Drive.

Collections section for msu#google showing "Guest Collections

While it is possible to allow other users to access your collection from Google Drive if you change the permissions, it is not recommended for data security reasons.

Transferring from Google shared files/drives.

It is also possible to transfer files/folders that are in the "Shared with me" section of Google Drive, or from "Shared Drives". Globus by default shows your own Google drive files, but you can access those shared files/drives by clicking the "up a level" button in the file browser circled in the following screen shot. The "Path" box should be just a single slash "/" and you will see "My Drive", "Shared With Me" and "Team Drives." "Team Drives" is the same as "Shared Drives" (Google's previous name for Shared Drives).

Globus File Manager showing msu#google collection with Path set to "/".
Immediately below is the "up a level" button circled with an orange oval used
to reach this path.