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Overview of job scheduling and management

HPCC uses SLURM (Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) to manage users' jobs and computing resources. SLURM is an open-source, fault-tolerant, and highly scalable scheduling system. It has been employed by a large number of national and international computing centers. Users can submit a job by SLURM commands and request computing resources with specifications in a job script or on a command line.

SLURM uses command-line commands to control jobs and clusters as well as show detailed information about jobs. The table below presents the most frequently used commands on HPCC. A complete list can be found at the SLURM documentation page.

Command Description
sacct displays accounting data for all jobs and job steps in the SLURM job accounting log or SLURM database.
sbatch Used to submit batch jobis to SLURM job queue
sacctmgr Used to view and modify SLURM account information
scancel Used to signal jobs or job steps that are under the control of SLURM.
scontrol Used view and modify SLURM configuration and state.
sinfo view information about SLURM nodes and partitions.
smap graphically view information about SLURM jobs, partitions, and set configurations parameters.
sprio view the factors that comprise a job's scheduling priority.
squeue view information about jobs located in the SLURM scheduling queue.
srun Run parallel jobs.