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Install SSH Client

To use the HPCC via a command line interface (as opposed to the webinterface provided by OnDemand), you will need an SSH client. To launch interactive GUI programs over the command line, you will additionally need an X Windows (aka X11) server. Please see the following recommendations for your operating system.

We recommend installing MobaXterm Home Edition. This program provides both an SSH client and an X Windows server. Follow this tutorial to set up MobaXterm.


Make sure you keep MobaXTerm up to date. If you use a new version of PuTTYgen to create SSH keys (see here) an older version of MobaXTerm may not be able to read your generated keys.

You can use Terminal program that comes installed with your operating system as your SSH Client. However, for running graphical user interface (GUI) programs on HPCC, you will need to install the X Windows server program XQuartz. See for download instructions.

Similar to Mac OS, you can use the built-in Terminal as your SSH client. There is no need to download additional X Windows server software.