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Aspera bulk file transfer

The Aspera Connect application (ascp) is a useful file transfer tool for downloading or uploading large files in bulk between the HPCC and data repository sites such as those operated by NCBI.  In order to interact with a server via aspera, the remote host must be running the Aspera server.  This tutorial will demonstrate how to install and use the command line version of Aspera to download files from the NCBI ftp site.

You can only execute Aspera file transfers from gateway.  Transfers on the dev-nodes will not work correctly.

Go to to download "aspera connect".

  1. Select the Linux OS and download (version may change over time) to your home directory.
  2. Run chmod u+x
  3. Run ./

The installation will then be located in ~/.aspera/connect/; and the command ascp is in ~/.aspera/connect/bin/

Example use:

~/.aspera/connect/bin/ascp -T -k 1 -i ~/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh ~/NCBI_data

More instructions and examples can be found here.