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Open OnDemand

Open OnDemand helps researchers efficiently utilize the HPCC by providing easy web access with graphical user interfaces from any device. The features include, though are not limited to:

  • Plugin-Free web experience
  • Easy file management
  • Easy job submission, management, and monitoring
  • Graphical desktop environments and desktop applications; Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, ...
  • One-click app icons on a desktop to launch your favorite GUI applications
  • Command-line shell access

Connect to HPCC OnDemand

To connect to HPCC OnDemand, visit It will first redirect to the CILogon website for authentication.


From here, select "Michigan State University" as the identity provider and click "Log On". This will redirect you to a page where you can log in with your MSU credentials.


A valid MSU email address with NetID and password are required to access HPCC OnDemand. This may prohibits the access of external collaborators. Please take this into consideration when you choose tools provided on HPCC OnDemand for your group projects involving external collaborators.

After sign in, you will reach the HPCC OnDemand web portal with the following menu options:

Main Page


All user's files in the home, research, scratch, and software file spaces can be accessed.


Select a directory then use the File Explorer to download, upload, view, edit, and move files. You can learn more about the explorer at



The OnDemand portal is best for transferring files less than ~1 GB in size. For transferring larger files to and from the HPCC, see Large file transfer (Globus)


Active Jobs: List jobs in the queue; monitor or manage those jobs


Job Composer: Submit a job script with resource requests and command lines; create new scripts from a job template, copy a previous job submission, or select an existing job script from a specified directory. You can learn more about the job composer at


Interactive Apps

Desktops: Request an Interactive Desktop; once it starts, a graphical user interface (GUI) is provided for running GUI based applications


GUIs: Launch an HPCC provided, GUI based application directly

  • MATLAB: 2018a-2021a versions are available
  • Stata: 15SE, 15MP, 17SE, 17MP are available
  • Jupyter notebook: By default, Python 3.7.2 will be used; choose your own Python by selecting 'Launch Jupyter Notebook using the Anaconda installation in my home directory'
  • RStudio: Various versions are available (3.5.0\~ 4.1.2)


Please make sure you request enough memory. Otherwise, your interactive session won't start or your running processes will be terminated prior to completion.

Development Nodes

Start a bash session a specified development node and input commands using the terminal's command line interface.



Currently, there is no remote graphical display capability while in the terminal i.e., no X11 forwarding. For GUI based applications, please use the Interactive Apps feature.

My Interactive Sessions

All of a user's interactive jobs are displayed, along with a description of the resources currently allocated to each job. User's may then manage aspects of those jobs using the asscociated action buttons. The Delete button will end the interactive session.


We are currently working to add more functionality to the OnDemand interface. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.