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Gaussian Access

To obtain access to this software on HPCC complete and sign the appropriate Gaussian Confidentiality Agreement. Please ensure that all required sections are filled out legibly or else the form will be returned to you.

  • Research Group Leader Form — Only one form needs to be completed per research group.
  • User/Researcher Form — Each user of the software needs to complete this form. Please ensure that your group leader has completed the Research Group Leader form before submitting this. 
  • Coursework Form — This form is to be completed by the each student enrolled in an MSU course. Please note that the course instructor should have completed the Research Group Leader Form above. Access ends after the class is completed. 

Email the completed form to  Please make the subject of your email, "Gaussian Confidentiality Agreement." Your completed agreement will then be sent to Gaussian for the final approval. Once approved, the HPCC System Admin team will act upon the request and grant access.

Note: This process can take up to two weeks from the date of submission of the Confidentiality Agreement to Gaussian giving approval of the software so we ask that you please be patient. Without a personally signed Confidentiality Agreement, you will not be granted access to Gaussian.