(2023-11-21) Lab Notebook: Git in Research Spaces


This is as a Lab Notebook which describes how to solve a specific problem at a specific time. Please keep this in mind as you read and use the content. Please pay close attention to the date, version information and other details.

Git is a powerful version control tool. However, it does not interact nicely with multiple users accessing and modifying the same repository in a shared space.

Your research group may have software that you all contribute to and use. If you want to version control it with git, we recommend the following practice:

  • The git repository in a research space should be pull ONLY. This prevents group permissions issues. Periodic pulls should be run to keep the repository up-to-date with the remote.
  • Development of the software should be handled by group members in their home directories using branches that can be merged and then pulled into the research space repository.
  • If the PI of the research group would prefer control of the research space repository, it can be placed in a directory with explicit read-only group permissions.

In general, be aware of permissions management on the HPCC to maintain a working repository.